Different Senior Housing Options Explained

Nowadays, there are a plethora of housing options available for senior citizens. However, the abundance of options also means that elderly people can easily get confused while trying to choose a suitable one for themselves. Therefore, it is imperative that they have a sound idea in order to make the best choice.

Let’s have a detailed look at the various senior housing options available:

Senior Citizen Apartments

A senior citizen apartments accommodation unit is generally meant for those elderly people who are fairly independent and have few medical issues. It usually consists of well-furnished apartments equipped with all types of modern civic amenities. Sometimes, it may have various entertainment facilities such as a restaurant, a bar and even a shop stocking regular essentials. There are also senior apartment complexes with a wellness centre that provide occupational therapy and beauty services.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer skilled nursing care to aged people who are in need of extensive medical assistance. Usually, licensed nurses are available 24/7 on the premises in order to serve with nursing services. Residents may have to share a room and take their meals in a central dining space.

Home Care

This housing option allows senior citizens to reside in their own houses while being provided with the aid they need for remaining independent. Home care often includes provision of assistance for regular activities like meal preparation, dressing, bathing, transportation, making appointments, paying bills, etc. The services involved can range from 24 hours to weekly, as per requirements of an aged person.

Assisted Living

An assisted living community usually caters its service to seniors who cannot live safely on their own any longer. It provides assistance with housekeeping, medications and daily activities on a regular basis. The staff is always available (24/7) to ensure extra safety. Scheduled transportation and social activities are also offered.

Alzheimer’s Care

Elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s undoubtedly require structured activities as well as 24-hour support for ensuring quality & safety of life. And an Alzheimer’s care provides just that, which may be a part of a nursing home, a personal care home or even an assisted living facility. The environment has locked or secured areas to prevent residents from wandering off. However, the residents are provided access to gardens or walking paths.

So basically, these are most common housing options available for senior citizens. The key towards choosing the most suitable one lies in the thorough analysis of one’s present and future needs.


One thought on “Different Senior Housing Options Explained

  1. Are those different housing options for seniors, paid for by the Government or subsidized in any form? I know my mother had excellent care in the Netherlands during her last fifteen years. It was paid for by Government. Every time we visited her from Australia we were amazed. Of course it was paid for by enough revenue being raised through adequate taxation. Good aged care for seniors is considered an entitlement, not a hand-out.


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